Integrating Grid Computing Technology into Multimedia Application

Al-Khannak, Rafid, Kadhim, Abdulkareem and Ibrahim, Nada (2015) Integrating Grid Computing Technology into Multimedia Application. International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology, 23 (3). pp. 103-107. ISSN 22312803

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Systems now days are requiring huge database and massive power of computation. This cannot be gained using the available computation technology or computers. Execution time and large data processing are problems which are usually encountered in highly demanded applications such as multimedia processing. Grid computing technology offers a possible solution for computational intensive applications. Canny edge detection algorithm is known as the optimum algorithm for edge detection that performs edge detection in five different and computationally extensive stages, which consume large processing time. In this work, grid computing is used to perform Canny edge detection as an application of grid computing in multimedia processing. Univa grid engine is used the middleware for the proposed grid system. It is demonstrated here that the proposed grid based solution that integrates grid computing technology into Canny edge detection reduces the processing time while preserving the expected performance of Canny edge detection. The time reduction factor is about three times for the adopted grid system and may become better with careful selection of the communication networks technology.

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Keywords: Grid Computing, Canny Edge Detector, Univa grid engine
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