The effects of contemporary media upon adolescents' body image disturbance

Gallagher, Amy, Rippon, Sheila, Carthy, John and Rioga, Margaret (2015) The effects of contemporary media upon adolescents' body image disturbance. British Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 4 (5). pp. 214-218. ISSN 2049-5919

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This review was undertaken as part of a dissertation project by a final year nursing student. The topic was identified during a practice placement on a inpatient ward for young people with eating disorders. It therefore became an area of interest for the author, who observed high media consumption among the patients—much of which appeared to reinforce body image ideals. It aims to investigate primary research regarding the link between adolescent mental health and levels/type of media exposure. This will focus on an exploration of body image and the role it plays within body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). The impact that the media has on adolescent body image disturbance will then be considered. The extent to which this correlation can be linked to BDD will also be examined. A literature search for primary research dating from 2005 onwards was undertaken using a variety of electronic databases; six studies were identified and appraised. It was found that contemporary media does have an impact on adolescents' body image dissatisfaction, however, it is as yet unknown whether this can lead to or worsen BDD.

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