Social work and the youth justice system: Ensuring social work values

Arnull, Elaine (2014) Social work and the youth justice system: Ensuring social work values. Probation Junior, V (1). pp. 7-21.

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The paper considers the perennial issue of youth crime, which pervades the media and public consciousness in the UK. The incoming Coalition government proposed changes to the Youth Justice System (YJS); but in November 2011 withdrew them leaving the basic structure in place. This approach is predicated on concepts of risk and actuarial justice, and it is an area of social work in England and Wales that is theoretically driven. In addition, the YJS is underpinned by partnership and inter-agency working and social workers work within multi-agency Youth Offending Teams (YOTs). Research highlights that young people within the YJS are often vulnerable with multiple needs and the statutes establish that all YOTs must have a qualified social worker. The paper proposes a method whereby social workers promulgate social work values within actuarial systems. The ideas are relevant to those working with young people and delinquency in a world where notions of acceptable risk appear to diminish and evidence-based practice and actuarial justice are privileged.

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