Managing the demands of the preregistration mental health nursing programme. The views of students with mental health conditions

Ramluggun, Pras, Lacy, Mary, Cadle, Martha and Anjoyeb, Mahmood (2018) Managing the demands of the preregistration mental health nursing programme. The views of students with mental health conditions. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing. ISSN 14458330

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An increasing number of students with a pre‐existing mental health condition are enrolling on preregistration mental health nursing programmes. The challenges faced by these students in managing the demands of the programme have not been fully explored. Mental health and well‐being is an integral part of providing a healthy university in which students can flourish. The purpose of the study was to explore how students with an underlying mental health issue manage the demands of the mental health nursing programme. The outcomes of the study are aimed at informing inclusive teaching and learning and current student support provision. Ethics approval was given. Students from two universities in South East England who met the criterion of having a pre‐existing mental health condition when enrolling on the mental health preregistration nursing programme were invited to take part. Nine students took part in the study. Using an interpretative descriptive design, 1:1 face‐to‐face, audio‐taped, semistructured interviews were undertaken. The data were analysed using a framework approach, and this revealed four main themes: timing of disclosure; managing lived experience in learning environments; students’ coping mechanisms, and experience of support. Recommendations for practice was that approved education institutes (AEIs) should ensure they have a robust, inclusive practice by implementing strategies to develop these students’ resilience, and enhance their learning and the current support provisions. This will ensure the barriers to disclosing their mental health conditions are recognized and minimized to enable these students to fully contribute to their own learning and teaching experience.

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Keywords: mental health nursing training, mental health nursing students, students with lived experience of mental illness, nursing students’ mental health support, nursing students’ disclosure of mental illness, mental health stigma in education
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