Illegale pesticiden en voedselcriminaliteit (Illegal pesticides and food crime)

Sambrook, Christopher I (2014) Illegale pesticiden en voedselcriminaliteit (Illegal pesticides and food crime). Voedselcriminaliteit, 2 (14). pp. 71-83.

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Counterfeiting is a major worldwide crime problem and one with demonstrable links to organized criminality. The production and distribution of fake plant protection products is no exception, the proliferation of such products within the European Union owing much to the abuse of parallel trading arrangements and the high profit, low risk opportunity it presents to organized crime groups. It is also a particularly insidious crime; these chemicals are untested and unapproved for use and they pose a serious economic, environmental and human health threat. Of particular concern is the potential for residues from illegal pesticides to persist in harvested crops to then be found in foodstuffs. It is argued that this should be regarded as a food crime.

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