Energy Self/ie. Res extensa

Choli, Justyna, Angeli, Argyris, Nasioula, Kyriaki, Wu, Menglan, Dierzon, Margaret and Walkling, Joseph (2016) Energy Self/ie. Res extensa. [Performance]

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Yi-jong gong-gan is a Korean word referring more to the space than to the specific place. It cannot be defined in a tangible way, but it is sensible. It is a space of mediation, without clearly outlined barriers between one and another state. This concept in some way will question our perception and identity. By discovering its layer it reveals its elusiveness and fluidity. Like the presence, interactions and people are shaping our personality, beliefs, and expectations; Yi-jong gong-gan reveals the fact that we are entangled in a continuously changing physical, virtual and social frame. MOS Atrium is just such a space. Questioning and filtering an external and internal being, the space in between. A group of students from the Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio (AAIS) engages different media and means of expression to create a spatial installation. Showing its metaphorical character, they try to interpret the theme of this year’s Biennial. The performance engages a four-dimensional structure, which activates the space and transforms it to the liquid organism. The free-standing structure encourages the guests to interact and experience.

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