Investigating Factors Influencing Construction Project Selection Processes within the Nigerian Public Sector.

Unuafe, Emmanuel, Bukoye, Teslim and Philpott, Elly (2016) Investigating Factors Influencing Construction Project Selection Processes within the Nigerian Public Sector. International Journal of Business and Management Studies., 5 (2). pp. 77-90. ISSN 2158-1479

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Globally, there is increasing interest in project management due to a shortage in infrastructure services supply capability. Hence, it is of utmost importance that organisations understand that choosing a particular project over another is an opportunity cost – tying up the organisation’s resources. Devise constructive ways to bring direction, structure and oversight to the process of project selection has led to the development of tools and techniques by researchers and practitioners. However, despite the development of various frameworks to assist in the appraisal and selection of government projects, failures are still being recorded with government projects. In developing countries, where frameworks are rarely used, the problems are compounded. To improve the situation this study investigates the current practice of construction project selection processes within the Nigerian public sector in order to inform theories of decision making from the perspective of developing nations and project management practice. Unlike other research around construction projects in Nigeria this paper concentrates on factors influencing the selection process within the Nigeria public sector, which has received limited study. The authors report the findings of semi-structured interviews of top management in the Nigerian public sector and draw conclusions in terms of extant decision-making theory and current practice. Preliminary results from the data analysis show that groups make project selection decisions and this forces sub-optimal decision due to pressure on time, clashes of interest, lack of accountability and poor leadership.

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