New Traveller Families and Post-Separation Parenting Arrangements

Greenfields, Margaret (2002) New Traveller Families and Post-Separation Parenting Arrangements. Doctoral thesis, University of Bath.

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The thesis provides a detailed analysis of New Traveller families post separation parenting arrangements. Two groups of Travellers have been studied: those who engaged with legal proceedings over their children (predominantly using s8 of the Children Act) and informants who came to their own arrangements over contact and residence matters. Although it had originally been intended to consider only those Travellers who had undertaken legal proceedings in respect of family arrangements, over the course of the fieldwork it became clear that Travellers tend to see the use of the law over family disputes as problematic, and a breach of the social contract which is held to exist between members of the nomadic community. As such, wherever possible, informal dispute resolution methods are used to ensure ongoing child contact arrangements, and a number of well-defined Solutions’ to problematic parenting relationships have been devised. Accordingly, when formal legal advice or proceedings are brought against another member of the community, it is necessary to justify such actions by adhering to a set of processes which minimise the loss of ‘social capital’ inherent in taking such a step.

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Keywords: Sociology, Travellers, Families
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