Towards a Pedagogy of Devised Theatre Praxis

Fryer, Nic (2013) Towards a Pedagogy of Devised Theatre Praxis. Doctoral thesis, University of Warwick.

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This thesis attempts to develop a pedagogy for devised theatre conceived of as a praxis. Part One explores the status and history of both devised theatre and theatre pedagogy, particularly in the UK but also in other contexts. In doing so, it attempts to demonstrate the multitude of ways in which both devised theatre and the pedagogy of drama, theatre and performance have been conceived. Part Two goes on to look at three frames through which devised theatre might be conceptualised: contemporary theories of language, creativity and social practice. With a particular focus on the theories of Jacques Rancière, I suggest that each of these offers a potential vision of art as a realm which can exist at a remove from everyday life, whilst still functioning within structures that indicate its social basis. The frames each contain a focus on process rather than only focusing on a finished artistic product. They also each suggest simultaneous reflection and action. In the final part of the thesis I map these three notions, particularly that of social practice, onto theories of praxis. I suggest that the notion of praxis offers a vision of what a pedagogy for devised theatre might look like, recognising the importance of process as well as product; reflection as well as action. Finally I use the Chicago based performance company Goat Island, who made work between 1987 and 2009, as a case study of what devised theatre praxis might look like through a discussion of their process, performance and pedagogy.

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Keywords: Pedagogy, Theatre, Praxis
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