COST Action E27: Protected Forest Areas in Europe – Analysis and Harmonisation (PROFOR)

Latham, J, Miller, H, Mountford, E.P., Kirby, K.J. and Ioras, Florin COST Action E27: Protected Forest Areas in Europe – Analysis and Harmonisation (PROFOR). [Report]

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Abstract This report describes the historical development, current state and future developments of Protected Forest Areas in the United Kingdom (UK). Only around 12 % of the land surf ace is forested, and the majority of this comprises plantations of non-native conifer species: this low forest cover has deep implications for the treatment of forests and their protection . The first official protection was in mediaeval time s when Royal hunting Forests were set aside to provide game for the nobility, but it is not until the late 19th and early 20t h century that forests were formally protected for their biodiversity interest. Today there are many mechanisms that protect forests , the most important being the Sites / Areas of Special Scientific Interest (S/ASSIs) and Special Sites of Conservation (SACs) site series , and various forestry policy schemes that offer general protection. The main responsible bodies are the nature conservation agencies and the Forestry Commission , although NGOs can be very influential . There is currently a shift in emphasis towards integrated landscape-scale protection, and much interest in initiatives such as habitat networks. Any views or opinions expressed in this document are those of the authors and not necessarily those of any official body within the signatory states.

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Keywords: United Kingdom, protected forests, woodland, nature conservation, biodiversity
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