Perianal injectable bulking agents as treatment for faecal incontinence in adults

Maeda, Yasuko, Laurberg, Soren and Norton, Christine (2013) Perianal injectable bulking agents as treatment for faecal incontinence in adults. Cochrane Library. ISSN 1469-493X

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Loss of bowel control, also known as faecal incontinence, can be a devastating problem. It affects men and women of all ages in up to 15% of the adult population. Faecal incontinence can radically affect everyday life as many people become almost house bound, being unable to undertake simple tasks, such as shopping, because they are worried about faecal leakage. Faecal incontinence may be due to a problem with the two muscles around the anus (back passage). These muscles can be damaged or become weak due to injury during child birth or operations to treat anal conditions such as haemorrhoids (piles) and fistulas (abnormal channels between the skin and back passage). The anal muscles then become unable to hold back the stools until the person reaches the toilet. The inner ring or internal anal sphincter muscle normally keeps the anus closed at all times except when opening the bowel, preventing passive leakage of stool. A treatment has been developed to treat faecal incontinence, which involves injecting a substance into or near this muscle to make it bulkier so that the anus closes better. It has been advocated as a simple and safe option. In this review, one large trial demonstrated that injection of dextranomer stabilised in hyaluronic acid improves the symptoms of incontinence in the short term in little over half of those who received the treatment. The other four trials reviewed were of limited value because they were generally poor in methodological quality and small in size. There are no reported long term results for this treatment.

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