The binge drinking culture: Fact or fiction?

Weatherburn, Gwyn, Gandy, Joan, Jane, Wright and Shaw, David (2009) The binge drinking culture: Fact or fiction? British Journal of School Nursing, 8 (4). pp. 378-384. ISSN 1752-2803

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Aim: To explore drinking culture in young people and considers the strategies that might be employed to address this public health issue as well as the motives for binge drinking. Method: A mixed-methods research project in southern England employed a countywide survey and qualitative focus groups. Discusion in this article focuses mainly on the qualitative phase of the project, and presents data and ideas from the young people’s perspective. Results were compared with those of a recent national survey, and there was good cross-validation between the two. In this study, survey and focus group data largely complement one another too. Focus group interviews explored young people’s opinions about how interventions would need to change in order to be most effective. Results: The results indicate that most young people have experience of alcohol, typically taking their first full drink around the age of 13 years. Conclusions: Focus groups revealed the type of alcohol consumed by young people, and the sources from which it is obtained. Young people talked about where drinking takes place and some of the untoward consequences. The results show that young people have no difficulty in obtaining alcohol, and that current attempts to dissuade them from drinking are largely ineffective. The implications for health promotion staff, teachers and other stakeholders in the community are explored.

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