Product Design: process and personality

McLening, Christian (2012) Product Design: process and personality. Doctoral thesis, Buckinghamshire New University.


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The product design process can be viewed as a complex mixture of people, design tools and methods. This thesis documents a study into the relationships between these interconnecting design factors, in the context of a professional design team. An initial literature review explored the multitude of design issues, but it was clear that these issues are often studied in isolation rather than in combination, as they would be used in practice. It was evident that a more complex live study was needed to observe the design process in order to fully understand these interrelated elements. A longitudinal case study research methodology was used to track a working design team in action, while embedded research allowed the design team to be observed in real time and in a real working context. The relationship between the product design team, design process and the final product outcome was modelled through a number of experiments. The individual personalities of the product design team were studied and analysed to gain a deeper insight into how they worked with the design process and in conjunction with design tools. This interrelationship between personality and design process highlighted the important individual skills that the product designer can bring to the development of a successful commercial product. Two design projects were studied from initial concept through to product launch, a stadium seat and a green roof bag. The product design team were observed in detail for both projects and the results compared between the two. The study examines the effect of the TRIZ creative problem solving tool in conjunction with the human factors and personality type evaluation during the design process. The journey and subsequent analysis provides an in-depth case study into design best practice, both in terms of personality and design process.

Item Type: Thesis (Doctoral)
Keywords: product design, personality
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