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Addis, Gulen (2020) Christianity and Nursing. HRİSTİYANLIK VE HEMŞİRELİK YAKLAŞIMLARI. In: Different Religions and Approaches to Nursing. FARKLI DINLER VE HEMŞIRELIK YAKLAŞIMLARI. Nobel Academic Publishing, pp. 57-73. ISBN 978-605-033-180-6

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Ali, Omar, Scheidt, Nancy, Gegov, Alexander E., Haig, Ella, Adda, Mo and Aziz, Benjamin (2020) Automated Detection of Racial Microaggressions using Machine Learning. In: 2020 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence, SSCI 2020, Canberra, Australia, December 1-4, 2020.

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Crawley, Greer (2020) An Academic Publication About Artist Mariele Neudecker: The Practice, Ideas And Context of Her Works. (Submitted)

Crawley, Greer (2020) A Scenographic Expedition: Working with Edwin Landseer’s Man Proposes, God Disposes’ special issue. Scenography and Art History. (Submitted)

Crawley, Greer and O'Neill, Harriet (2020) A Dynamic Bipoloarity: The Royal Holloway Chapel Project, Scenography and Art History. In: Scenography and Art History. Performance Design and Visual Culture. Bloomsbury. (Submitted)

Crouchman, Carolyn (2020) Nursing Standard podcast: Good Samaritan acts and the off-duty nurse. [Audio]

Cruz-Perez, Noelia, Rodriguez-Martin, Jesica, Ioras, Florin, Garcia, C and Santamarta-Cerezal, Juan Carlos (2020) IMPACTO DEL CAMBIO CLIMÁTICO EN LOS RECURSOS HÍDRICOS DE ESPAÑA IMPACT OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON THE WATER RESOURCES OF SPAIN. In: 8 Congress Internacional Sobre Gestion Y Tratamiento Integral Del Agua. International Congress on Integral Water Management and Treatment, pp. 396-403. ISBN 978-987-1930-54-8

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Cruz-Perez, Noelia, Santamarta, Juan C, Rodriguez-Martin, Jesica, Ioras, Florin and Bruccoleri, Manfredi (2020) INCAMP: Master's Degree In The Carbon Neutral Management of Sport Marinas. EDULEARN15 Proceedings. pp. 151-156. ISSN 2340-1117


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Dutcă, Ioan, Mather, Richard and Ioras, Florin (2020) Sampling trees to develop allometric biomass models: How does tree selection affect model prediction accuracy and precision? Ecological Indicators, 117. 0-0. ISSN 1470-160X

Dutcă, Ioan, Zianis, Dimitris, Petrițan, Ion Cătălin, Bragă, Cosmin Ion, Ștefan, Gheorghe, Yuste, Jorge Curiel and Petrițan, Any Mary (2020) Allometric Biomass Models for European Beech and Silver Fir: Testing Approaches to Minimize the Demand for Site-Specific Biomass Observations. Forests, 11 (11). e1136. ISSN 1999-4907


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Festeu, Dorin and Turlakova, Natalia (2020) Entrepreneurship Education Programme Students' Opinions. SERIES V - ECONOMIC SCIENCES, 13(62) (2). pp. 177-190. ISSN 2065-2208

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Greenfields, Margaret and Rogers, Carol (2020) Hate: “As regular as rain” A pilot research project into the psychological effects of hate crime on Gypsy, Traveller and Roma (GTR) communities. [Report]


Haroune, Valerie and King, Liz (2020) Factors contributing to parental ‘vaccine hesitancy’ for childhood immunisations. Nursing children and young people. ISSN 2046-2344

Harrison-White, Karen (2020) An investigation of student nurses’ experiences of learning within the Clinical Learning Environment. Doctoral thesis, Kings College London.

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Huffadine, J and Trout, Ruth (2020) Transition from hospital to home following stroke - the patient experience. In: UK Stroke Forum Conference 2020, 8 - 9th December 2020, Virtual United Kingdom.


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Lange, Rense, Houran, James, Sheridan, Lorraine, Dagnall, Neil, Drinkwater, Kenneth, OKeeffe, Ciaran and Laythe, Brian (2020) Haunted people syndrome revisited: empirical parallels between subjective paranormal episodes and group-stalking accounts. Mental Health, Religion & Culture. pp. 1-18. ISSN 1469-9737

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Lee-Price, Simon (2020) House Across the Street. In: Creeping Expansion. Creeping Expansion, pp. 54-56. ISBN 978 171 5914523

Lee-Price, Simon (2020) Q&A with Writer-Scholar Simon Lee-Price. Sirius Editorial.

Lee-Price, Simon (2020) A Writer’s Work is Never Done. Sirius Editorial.

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Mosoeunyane, Mary and Kemp, Ryan (2020) Fear perspective amongst Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Health Care Professionals on the frontline. [Audio]

Murphy, Alexandra (2020) Forever in Stasis: Dialectical Dynamics between the Photograph and the Taxidermy Specimen. In: Mythologies, Identities and Territories of Photography: Forever/Now. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 3-11. ISBN 1-5275-6339-1

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Murray, Sue (2020) Undergraduate Therapeutic Radiography: Perceptions on Curricula Delivery and Preparedness for Practice using an Appreciative Inquiry Approach. Doctoral thesis, Buckinghamshire New University (Awarded by Coventry University).


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