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Al-Hadhrami, Nasser, Aziz, Benjamin and Othmane, Lotfi Ben (2016) An Incremental B-Model for RBAC-Controlled Electronic Marking System. Int. J. Secur. Softw. Eng., 7 (2). pp. 37-64.

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Greenfields, Margaret and Knan, Surat Shaan (2016) Transgender Day of Remembrance. [Video]

Greenfields, Margaret, Knan, Surat Shaan, Kochberg, Searle and Milne, E J (2016) Purim Spiel and Purim Group Talk. [Video]

Greenfields, Margaret, Knan, Surat Shaan, Kochberg, Searle and Milne, E J (2016) World Aids Day. [Video]

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