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Al-Khannak, Rafid and Nehal, Sajjan Singh (2023) Penetration Testing for the Cloud-Based Web Application. WSEAS TRANSACTIONS ON COMPUTERS, 22. pp. 104-113. ISSN 2224-2872

Ali, Shabana (2023) Using murder mystery games for group reflection with nursing students. Teaching and Learning in Nursing. ISSN 1557-3087 (In Press)

Allen, Christopher (2023) A case study on business techniques and how can they be applied to analysing OCGs in a police setting. Doctoral thesis, Liverpool John Moores University.

Alromaihi, Ali Ateya Ali, Hamdan, Allam and Bakir, Ali (2023) Impact of Learning Digitization on Business Education Quality: The Moderating Role of International Accreditation Bodies. FIIB Business Review. ISSN 2455-2658

Ansbro, Maria (2023) An examination of the UK Sex Offender Register twenty-five years after its inception: which aspects are effective and proportionate, and which are in need of updating? In: British Society of Criminology conference, 27 - 30th June 2023, UCLAN Preston.

Avery, Carla (2023) Managing Emergencies at Home. In: Homebirth. Elsevier Limited, pp. 107-129. ISBN 978-0-323-93501-2

Aziz, Benjamin (2023) Analysing potential data security losses in organisations based on subsequent users logins. Plos one, 18 (8). e0286856.

Aziz, Benjamin (2023) Detecting Data Anomalies from Their Formal Specifications: A Case Study in IoT Systems. Electronics, 12 (3). p. 630.

Aziz, Benjamin and Bukhelli, Aysha (2023) Detecting the Manipulation of Text Structure in Text Steganography Using Machine Learning. In: 19th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies (WEBIST), 15th - 17th November 2023, Online.

Aziz, Benjamin and Bukhelli, Aysha Abdulmonem Abdulla Erhama (2023) A study on human perception of document paragraph layout. In: 14th International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems and Applications.

Aziz, Benjamin and Mohasseb, Alaa (2023) Cyber Incidents Risk Assessments Using Feature Analysis. SN Computer Science, 5 (1). ISSN 2661-8907



Bin Mohamed Anuar, Muhammad Danish Danial, Itani, Nadine, O'Connell, Frankie and Warnock-Smith, David (2023) The ASEAN-EU Comprehensive Air Transport Agreement: Investigating The Possible Implications on Competitive Dynamics Involving ASEAN and EU Carriers.


Chalk, Fiona and Trout, Ruth (2023) Establishing an accredited continuing professional development short course to develop practitioners who support people with Frailty – the challenges and highlights. In: British Society of Gerontology 52nd Annual Conference,, July 2023, University of East Anglia. (Unpublished)

Chase, Leigh Edward, Mohasseb, Alaa and Aziz, Benjamin (2023) Epistemology for cyber security: a controlled natural language approach. In: The 6th International Conference on Information and Knowledge Systems.

Coates, Emily and Clayton, Ben (2023) Mothers at the wall: Using creative nonfiction techniques to explore climbing and motherhood. In: Motherhood and Sport: Collective Stories of Identity and Difference. Routledge, pp. 149-161. ISBN 978 0 367691820


Devine, Jonathan (2023) What are the lived experiences of students with neurodevelopmental disorders studying on pre-registration healthcare programmes? In: Advance HE Learning and Teaching Conference 2023, 4 - 6 July 2023, Keele University.

Devine, Jonathan and Merry, Kevin (2023) Supporting Students with Neurodevelopmental Disorders with Jon Devine. [Audio]


Ebanks, Christina (2023) What factors contribute to parental vaccine hesitancy for children aged 0–5 years? Journal of Health Visiting, 11 (9). pp. 372-376. ISSN 2052-2908


Fields, Paul (2023) The Punk Rock Museum, Las Vegas. Punk and Post-Punk, 12 (3). pp. 433-449. ISSN 2044-3706

Fields, Paul (2023) Punk Rock Museum: An interview with Rob Ruckus. Punk & Post-Punk. ISSN 2044-3706

Foong, Jia Jun, O'Connell, John Francis, Warnock-Smith, David and Efthymiou, Marina (2023) A product and organisational architecture analysis of the performance of Southeast Asian airlines. Journal of Air Transport Management, 107. p. 102358. ISSN 09696997

Franco, Fabia, Slabu, Letitia, Fedotiuk, Tamara and McGorrian, Tom (2023) Music 4 Displaced Dyads. [Video]


Garrone, Paola, Piscitello, Lucia, D’Amelio, Matilde and Colombo, Emanuela (2023) Trade-offs in FDI Effects on SDGs in Sub-Saharan Africa Countries. In: International Business and Sustainable Development Goals. Emerald Publishing, pp. 177-199.

Gaughan, Sarah and Williams, Mary (2023) The holistic management of malignant bowel obstruction in women with advanced ovarian cancer at end of life. British journal of nursing (Mark Allen Publishing), 32 (12). pp. 550-555. ISSN 0966-0461

Graham, Anne, Warnock-Smith, David, O’Connell, John F., Efthymiou, Marina and Zheng, Xingwu (2023) Market Developments on Chinese International Air Passenger Markets in Light of COVID-19 Policy Measures. Sustainability, 15 (2). p. 1525. ISSN 2071-1050

Guachalla, Adrian (2023) Cultural consumption of performing arts through the pandemic: How Opera Houses and their tourists coped. In: International Conferences on Tourism (ICOT) 2023, 21 - 24th June 2023, Nicosia, Cyprus..

Guachalla, Adrian (2023) Opera as personal heritage in tourism. Journal of Leisure Research. ISSN 2159-6417


Hayward, Melanie (2023) We are all in this together’: Building the #WeNurseAcademic community. In: RCN Education Conference and Exhibition 2022 – Ambitions for change: Investing in the health and social care workforce for the future, 25 - 26th April 2023, Birmingham.

Hayward, Melanie and Critcher, Julie (2023) Adultification: risk factors, harmful effects and implications for nursing practice. Nursing children and young people. 10.7748/ncyp.2023.e1488. ISSN 2046-2344


Ibrahiim, K, Oghenenyerovwome Iki, V and Jackson, V (2023) A Qualitative Exploration of the Impact of Mutual Aid on the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic Response. European Journal of Public Health, 33 (Supple). ISSN 1464-360X

Ibrahiim, K, Oghenenyerovwome Iki, V and Jackson, V (2023) A Qualitative Exploration of the Impact of Mutual Aid on the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic Response. European Journal of Public Health, 33 (Supple). ckad160.1384. ISSN 1464-360X

Inniss, Karla and Lee-Price, Simon (2023) Words and action: Delivering a project to define and challenge Islamophobia. In: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Conference 2023: The Shoulders of Giants: Listening, Learning and Improving our Practice, 15-16 March 2023, Hull. (Unpublished)

Ives, Ben, Clayton, Ben, Gale, Laura, Taylor, William, Leeder, Thomas M. and Nichol, Adam J. (2023) ‘I’m not the police’: practical strategies for sport coach mentors to develop trust and trustworthiness. Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health. pp. 1-16. ISSN 2159-6778


Jackson, Jonathan (2023) Classrooms as Innovation Incubators: Fostering Digital Innovation in the classroom through student-staff-stakeholder partnerships. In: DigiEd Futures Conference.

Jackson, Jonathan (2023) Upskilling a new generation of digital technologists. British Computer Society, The Chartered Institute for IT.

Jones, Lisa, Nguyen, Thuy-Vy, Thomas, Virginia, Weinstein, Netta, Hewings, Robin, Smith, Matthew D. and cesh, Genevieve (2023) Positive Connections and Solitude: Contribution to Loneliness Interventions and Policy Development. Documentation. Buckinghamshire New University.


Kanan, Mohammad, Taha, Baha, Saleh, Yahya, Alsayed, Mohammed, Assaf, Ramiz, Ben Hassen, Mohamed, Alshaibani, Elham, Bakir, Ali and Tunsi, Weam (2023) Green Innovation as a Mediator between Green Human Resource Management Practices and Sustainable Performance in Palestinian Manufacturing Industries. Sustainability, 15 (2). p. 1077. ISSN 2071-1050

Kielb, Michal, Lynch, Claire and Trout, Ruth (2023) Neuroscience education – Evaluating the impact of a bespoke University validated ‘Neuroscience Care and Management’ course. In: EANN Congress, 25 - 27 May 2023, Hilton Reykjavik.

Knight, John (2023) Promoting inclusive engagement with assessment via effective assignment brief design and active approaches to assignment dissemination. In: Advance HE Learning and Teaching Conference, 4 - 6th July 2023, Keele University.

Knight, John and Walsh, Elaine (2023) Promoting inclusive assessment practice and student wellbeing through effective assignment brief design. In: Assessment in Higher Education Conference AHENetwork, 20th - 23rd June 2023, Manchester.


Lee-Price, Simon (2023) Black Matters: The Cosmic Horror of Thomas Ligotti. In: London Conference in Critical Thought, 30 June to 1 July 2023, London Metropolitan University, London, UK. (Unpublished)

Lee-Price, Simon (2023) Likeness of a Murderer. In: Night Terrors: Short Horror Stories Anthology Vol.24. Scare Street, pp. 167-180. ISBN 979-8374039917

Lee-Price, Simon (2023) Mr Chester. Vastarien: A Literary Journal, 6 (1). pp. 175-187. ISSN 9798218242770

Lee-Price, Simon (2023) The Permanent Struggle for Racial Justice in the USA: Interpreting Derrick Bell’s 'The Space Traders'. Zeitschrift für Fantastikforschung, 10 (1). pp. 1-25.

Leet, Sri-Kartini (2023) Expanding the photographic archive: Framing identity, community, and history through participatory practice. [Video]

Lippitt, Patricia, Itani, Nadine, O’Connell, John F., Warnock-Smith, David and Efthymiou, Marina (2023) Investigating Airline Service Quality from a Business Traveller Perspective through the Integration of the Kano Model and Importance–Satisfaction Analysis. Sustainability, 15 (8). p. 6578. ISSN 2071-1050


MORAR, Irina M., TRUTA, Alina M., STOIAN-DOD, Roxana L., DAN, Catalina, Ioras, Florin, BOSCAIU, Monica and SESTRAS, Adriana F. (2023) Responses of silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) seedlings from different geographical locations to low temperature stress. Nova Geodesia, 3 (4). p. 136. ISSN 2810-2754

McAllister, Nicole, Tavener-Smith, Taryn and Jackson, Jonathan (2023) mLearning with MediLingo. In: NETworking and Innovation in Healthcare Education Conference 23 Advance HE, 6th December 2023, Liverpool.

McAllister, Nicole, Tavener-Smith, Taryn and Jackson, Jonathan (2023) mLearning with MediLingo: Decoding medical terminology like a language for Nursing students. In: North West London Research Symposium for NMAHPPs, 27 September 2023, Imperial College London, South Kensington. (Submitted)

McArevey, Catherine and Hayward, Melanie (2023) Is routine screening for child neglect the way forward? British Journal of Child Health, 4 (3). pp. 130-136. ISSN 2633-5425

Millernas, Helen and Hayward, Melanie (2023) The effect of infant-maternal attachment on teenage mental health and behaviour. British Journal of Child Health, 4.

Mohamed, Mohamed Omar (2023) Case Study: Manchester Arena Attack.

Morar, Irina M., TRUȚA, Alina M., Stoian-Dod, Roxana, Dan, Cătălina, Ioras, Florin, Boscaiu, Monica and SESTRAȘ, Adriana F. (2023) Responses of silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) seedlings from different geographical locations to low temperature stress. Nova Geodesia, 3 (4). ISSN 2810-2754


Nevin, Jonpaul (2023) Thematic Session - Human Performance Optimisation (HPO) for the Warfighter: Keeping it Simple in a Complex Age. In: 6th International Congress on Soldiers Physical Performance (ICSPP), 12th to 14th September 2023, ExCel London.

Nevin, Jonpaul and Jones, Martin Ian (2023) Human Performance Optimization (HPO) for the Warfighter — Keeping It Simple in a Complex Age: A Narrative Review. Strength and Conditioning Journal. ISSN 1524-1602

Nevin, Jonpaul and Jones, Martin Ian (2023) Human Performance Optimization (HPO) for the Warfighter—Keeping It Simple in a Complex Age: A Narrative Review. Strength & Conditioning Journal, 45 (5). pp. 578-586. ISSN 1524-1602


Okemuo, Adaora Justina, Gallagher, Dearbhla and Dairo, Yetunde Marion (2023) Effects of rebound exercises on balance and mobility of people with neurological disorders: A systematic review. PLOS ONE, 18 (10). e0292312. ISSN 1932-6203

Oliveira C, C., Barbosa, B., Couto, J.G., Bravo, I., Hughes, C., McFadden, S., Khine, R. and McNair, H. (2023) BEING AN ADVANCED PRACTITIONER IN RADIOTHERAPY: EUROPEAN KEY STAKEHOLDERS’ INSIGHTS. Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences, 54 (4). S5. ISSN 19398654

Oliveira, C., Barbosa, B., Couto, J.G., Bravo, I., Hughes, C., McFadden, S., Khine, Ricardo and McNair, H.A. (2023) Advanced practice roles amongst therapeutic radiographers/radiation therapists: A European survey. Radiography, 29 (2). pp. 261-273. ISSN 10788174

O’Dowd, Kris, Martínez-García, Azahara, Oller, Isabel, Polo-López, María Inmaculada, Couso-Pérez, Seila, Ares-Mazás, Elvira, Gómez-Couso, Hipólito, García-Gil, Ángela, Marugán, Javier, Marasini, Ramesh, McGuigan, Kevin G. and Pillai, Suresh C. (2023) Efficient solar disinfection (SODIS) using polypropylene based transparent jerrycans: An investigation into its effectiveness, viability, and water sample toxicity. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering. p. 109787. ISSN 22133437


Psarologaki, Liana (2023) 18th International Conference on Contemporary Narratives in English; Recent Approaches to the Posthuman: Cultural Reflections on the (Post-)Human Condition. In: Posthumanity and Social Change Research Project, 15-17 May 2023, University of Zaragoza.

Psarologaki, Liana (2023) Sensing As… From Quorum Sensing to Immersion – A Posthuman Symptomatology. Anthropocenes – Human, Inhuman, Posthuman, 4 (1). ISSN 2633-4321

Psarologaki, Liana (2023) Sensing As… From Quorum Sensing to Immersion – a posthuman symptomatology. Anthropocenes Human, Inhuman, Posthuman, 4 (1). ISSN 2633-4321


Rochon, Rebecca (2023) Evaluating SELF: a new model of reflection for learning and promoting wellbeing. In: Advance HE’s Mental Wellbeing in HE Conference 2023: Putting theory into practice - Creating a whole university approach to student and staff wellbeing., 16th May 2023, Manchester.

Rochon, Rebecca (2023) Measuring what matters: the missing affective in assessment. In: Assessment in Higher Education (AHE) International Conference 2023, 22nd June 2023, Manchester.

Rochon, Rebecca (2023) Think about yourSELF: Reflection as a tool for both learning and wellbeing. In: Teaching and Learning Conference 2023: Teaching in the spotlight: Shaping the future of teaching in HE, 4th - 6th July 2023, Keele University.

Rochon, Rebecca, Jackson, J and Knight, John (2023) Mobile Technology for Professional Development and Wellbeing: The Reflecta Project. In: 17th International Technology, Education and Development Conference. INTED Proceedings, 1 . IATED Academy, pp. 8074-8078.

Rowntree, Gail, Warnock-Smith, David, Mainatt, Ahmed and Dane, Molly-Jane (2023) AN ASSESSMENT OF THE EFFECT OF COMMERCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL AVIATION POLICIES ON PRO-SUSTAINABLE TOURISM GROWTH IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES. Novos. Bucks Research and Impact Journal. ISSN 2633-2868


Saunders, Bernadette and Sims, Ceri M. (2023) Meaning beyond fear in a post covid world within existential positive psychology. International Journal of Existential Positive Psychology.

Sawant, B., Abeledo-Lameiro, M.J., Gil, Á. García, Couso-Pérez, S., Sharma, S., Sethia, U., Marasini, R., Buck, L., Polo-López, M.I., Alberola, I. Oller, Marugán, J., Gómez-Couso, H., Ares-Mazás, E., Lakshmi, K. Vijaya, Pal, S., Dhodapkar, R. and McGuigan, K.G. (2023) Good optical transparency is not an essential requirement for effective solar water disinfection (SODIS) containers. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 11 (3). p. 110314. ISSN 22133437

Shelton, James (2023) Alternative Scriptwriting: Contemporary Storytelling for the Screen, Ken Dancyger, Jessie Keyt and Jeff Rush (2023), 6th ed. Journal of Screenwriting, 14 (3). pp. 343-345. ISSN 1759-7145

Shelton, James (2023) Cyberpunk Culture and Psychology: Seeing through the Mirrorshades, Anna Mcfarlane (2022). Journal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds, 15 (1). pp. 86-89. ISSN 1757-1928

Shelton, James (2023) The early years of television and the BBC. Early Popular Visual Culture. pp. 1-2. ISSN 1746-0662

Shelton, James (2023) The early years of television and the BBC. Early Popular Visual Culture, 21 (3). pp. 397-398. ISSN 1746-0662

Stan, Ina and Eaglesfield, Sara (2023) Using Creativity and Reflection to Empower a Diverse Learner Community. In: The 11th European Conference on Education (ECE2023), 13-17 July 2023, SOAS and University College London (UCL), United Kingdom.


Tavener-Smith, Taryn (2023) Fragmentation and Reconstitution of Characters across Temporal Space in Cloud Atlas. Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies, 12 (3). ISSN 2045-4821 (In Press)

Tavener-Smith, Taryn (2023) ‘The Vampire in the Attic: Constructing Female Monstrous Feminine Identities in Liminal, Purgatorial Spaces’. In: Female Identity in Fictional Purgatorial Worlds. Bloomsbury Publishing, London. ISBN 9781350227033

Tedman, Alison (2023) Repurposed spaces in The Tribe and Panic. In: Screening Spaces of Youth Symposium, 2nd June 2023, Online.

Tedman, Alison (2023) Young Adult Dystopia. [Teaching Resource]

Tufton, Lauren R., Kentzer, Nichola and Kingsley, Barbara E. (2023) The Human–Horse Relationship: Human Direct and Meta Perceptions of Its Importance for Performance and Welfare in Equestrian Sport. Anthrozoös. pp. 1-18. ISSN 1753-0377


Warnock-Smith, David (2023) An insatiable need or an insatiable desire? EXAMINING LONG-DISTANCE TRANSPORT AND THE ROLE OF AVIATION WITHIN IT Professorial Lecture. [Video]

Warnock-Smith, David and Fake, Joshua (2023) Assessing sustainable journey-to-work solutions around stated and revealed employee preferences: the case of Bristol International Airport.

Warnock-Smith, David, Mainatt, A and Christidis, Panayotis (2023) Long distance transport poverty: Criteria setting and testing within Europe. In: 55th UTSG Conference,, 10th July 2023, Cardiff Wales.

Williams, Mary (2023) The complexities and challenges of communication in palliative and end-of-life care. Nursing Standard. ISSN 2047-9018


Yaghy, G., Tonge, A.S., Abouhakim, H., Peeling, R., Talford, M., O'Brien, L., Paksy, A., Nevitt, P., Muller, F.L., Hanson, B.C. and Hunter, T.N. (2023) Opportunities for process intensification technologies in nuclear effluent treatment: A review of precipitators, adsorbers and separators. Chemical Engineering and Processing - Process Intensification, 191. p. 109441. ISSN 02552701


ZENGİNAL, Eda and ÜNSAL ÖZBERK, Elif Bengi (2023) Investigation of The Effectiveness of Positive Psychotherapy Based 0-6 Age Family Education Program,Pozitif Psikoterapi Temelli 0-6 Yaş Aile Eğitim Programının Etkililiğinin İncelenmesi. e-Kafkas Eğitim Araştırmaları Dergisi, 10 (3). pp. 672-689. ISSN 2148-8940

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